Building Community: Put In Black X Lavender in Luxe

Building and nurturing community is the heart of Put In Black and is revealed through the knowledge, experience, and art shared by its contributors.

Since launching this platform in May 2020, there have been many significant sociopolitical events that have been televised and shared through various sources of media in the U.S. Most of which left people feeling fear connected to uncertainty. This uncertainty may have looked different for each of us, people worried and continue to worry about the status of their employment and health, while others were consumed by the raw emotions displayed during protests and reactions to the general election. Some felt paralyzed by all of the above. Then there are those who have found solace during this time. Finding comfort in necessary shifts that have been prompted by external factors like COVID-19 and the consequent travel restrictions, shelter in place orders, and increase of opportunities to work remotely. Of course, these people can also have moments when the uncertainty feels paralyzing or overwhelming. Regardless of our responses, we can all identify the fact that uncertainty is part of this life and can allow room to appreciate the importance of caring for ourselves through it all.

In continuing to build community and expand our creativity with how we can include daily practices that nourish our health, Put In Black has teamed up with Lavender in Luxe to create the Reign Self-Care Box. This box is a collaboration of love, and it is a commitment to continue positively influencing our collective wellness. I hope it reminds you of your innate power to care for yourself.