Hiding in Plain Sight

We have been inside so long that everyone is hiding behind grey clouds and I felt we all needed lots of thought-provoking fast colors.

About Author

Silver Spring native Tychelle Mosely has been an artist and art lover her entire life. From the age of 3 she has been captured on film, drawing and coloring. She learned to draw and color working beside and closely with her father. In 1988 she met a neighbor who was an artist, and bartered with her to learn acrylic painting for babysitting services. Always a lover of children, and art. Her motto is "paint til you can't". Tychelle creates magic on canvas, and enjoys writing, painting, reading and shooting pool in her spare time. She is also a 2 time published writer in a nationally syndicated magazine, a Mother of 4, and a long time Montgomery County resident. She creates a safe space for artists to discover creative expression and believes the arts are a foundation to the various places life can take us. She teaches the elements of form, lighting, shape, and space, demonstrating the importance of developing the artist's voice, and establishes a visual arts discipline that will last a lifetime.