Being called “Mr. Nancy” is disrespectful

This piece was created for Anansi (Mr. Nancy), played by Orlando Jones, on the American Gods Series on STARZ. He was removed from the cast for scaring the “white audience”. His character was removed after a few historically and moving monologues that made white folks a little too uncomfortable with their own history. So Anansi is not in his own web as the sun sets. A representation of how society has removed our indigenous spiritual system from our existence.

About Author

I followed the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. I can not share in words what I have learned, but give my audience a glimpse of what is down the rabbit whole if you dare. Different dimensions, realms, worlds and timelines of the universes as long as you are willing to search. What you are looking for, is also looking for you.... I started this art journey as a child going to many art programs and art camps. As I grew, my gifts and passions were forgotten as I tried to fit in to this society. I’m finally ok with not fitting in. I’ve gotten back to who I was before everyone told me who to be. Your healed inner child knows the path to your happiness. I had to do a lot of inner child healing work. As I did, my God-given gifts came back. As I continue the healing journey, more gifts return. I encourage everyone to take the time to really truly heal their inner child, adolescent child and their adult child, mind body and soul so all your gifts can come back to you.