8 Tips to Promote Health with Reiki Master Jahcyrus

I first spoke with Jahcyrus about his work in holistic healing when several states in the U.S. were just beginning the COVID-19 shelter in place, and we had a beautiful conversation about the inherent forms of healing we all possess. I remember sharing things I naturally began practicing before COVID-19 media coverage became what it is today, and learning about the health benefits of my new practices through our conversation. Check out some of the helpful tips we discussed below.

  1. Sage and essential oils, like tea tree and lemongrass, help kill airborne bacteria. Consider keeping these in your home, using a humidifier or oil diffuser for the essential oils.
  2. Tea tree and lavender oils act as natural disinfectants. You can create a spray to help with keeping your surroundings clean.
  3. Plants can serve as simple reminders of the life that thrives around us. Notice the calmness that can come when surrounded by nature and create a bit of this in your home.
  4. We can make alkaline water at home using half a key lime, a pinch of Himalayan salt, and shungite and amethyst crystals. Click here to check out crystal water bottles.
  5. Cold-pressed grapeseed, olive, and coconut oils are alternatives to using lotion. Remember, your skin absorbs the products you use on it. 
  6. Keep crystals of your choice in your environment (e.g. shungite, amethyst, clear quartz), including in your home, your car, and in your pocket. Here are a couple of sites to shop for crystals Queendom Cultivation, Queen Hippie Gypsy.
  7. Create an altar for whoever you believe in, paying homage to your ancestors and higher power. 
  8. Practice gratitude daily, like taking a gratitude walk and noticing the abundance that surrounds you. Decide what works best for you.

Jahcyrus N G, the driving force behind Alkaline Vibe, has a gift for healing people on a physical and spiritual level through natural remedies, energy exercises, and conscious eating habits. At a young age, Jahcyrus witnessed seeing his family members struggling with serious diseases and he made it his mission to help heal his loved ones. He then continued his craft to help others, to help his people and his community. Jahcyrus has dedicated his life to not only promoting better health through his holistic products but he is taking action by educating anyone who is seeking a better way to live.

Featured Image: Photo by Mareefe from Pexels