Realizing What’s Really Essential: To Health and New Choices

Each of us has stories that provide insight into our understanding of health, what it means to us, and who contributed to our definition of it. Our definitions change at different points in our lives as we gain more information, have new experiences, and take time to become familiar with our bodies’ and spirits’ communication of their needs.

Before launching Put In Black, I had a conversation with Registered Yoga Teacher and host of the BeYouTooFull podcast, Tiffany Leonardo. We talked a bit about our respective journies to understanding health and the moments that have contributed to each of us growing into practices that are aligned with how we want to experience life.

One of the statements that resonated with me most was when we discussed self-compassion. Many of us are often hard on ourselves, judging and questioning our decisions, ruminating on a choice we made which leads to feelings of shame and regret. Tiffany says something like, “Every morning I wake up is another opportunity” and that “God/Universe hasn’t given up on me, so why should I?”

What a gift to have the option to make new choices. To have the ability to notice what does not serve you, and to choose differently moving forward.

Featured Image:Photo by Ponyo Sakana from Pexels