The Secret to the Manifestation of our Intentions

Last month I had a chance to connect with the host of Knew Amsterdam radio, Flobo Boyce, and engage in another beautiful conversation. Listening back to that episode made me smile, you can feel the excitement and good vibes as you listen. 

While discussing the development of Put In Black, we talked about the importance of giving ourselves permission to change our minds and allow room for flexibility, and the power of community and intention. 

One part of our conversation that stands out to me is when we briefly talked about the moments when we experience our intentions coming to life. Many of us have heard this before-gain clarity on what you want, write it down, and watch it happen. I want to be clear in saying that work is required, there’s no magic thing that happens simply as a result of putting pen to paper. It’s the whole process. It’s the understanding of the natural flow of events when we direct our energy towards the things we want in our lives every single day and supporting it with actions that are aligned with that energy. It’s understanding that being clear in our intentions and values is a daily practice, like everything else in this life.

Had to…

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Check out a mini episode of the conversation below.

Featured Image: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels