Need Financial Assistance for Therapy?

The cost of psychotherapy sessions is one of the biggest barriers to people receiving the care they want and need. There are those of us who have a difficult time wrapping our minds around spending a significant portion of our income on a service like therapy, and those of us who truly cannot afford the session fee of the therapist who we believe would be the best fit for us. 

As I continue to learn how best to support the people I get to work with, I will continue to share my knowledge on this platform with the intention to help people beyond my practice. So, below are two organizations that provide financial assistance to Black people for therapy. In my role as a psychologist, I have witnessed some of the good that both of these organizations are doing and the beautiful impact it has on people’s lives. One is for men and one is for women. Of course this list is not exhaustive, but it’s a start. 

And remember, another way to advocate for yourself and your health needs is to ask about available payment options when you reach out to a therapist you may want to work with (e.g. sliding scale, reduced fee).

Most importantly, breathe and be kind to you as you decide how best to care for yourself. 

*Please note that both organizations state that their signups open quarterly. 

Featured Image: Photo by Anna Tarazevich