A Conversation Beyond Yoga

“Change your focus, change your life” -Bryan Kramer

These words first held meaning in my life when I made it my New Year resolution to move to California in 2015. At that time I didn’t have the resources one needs to relocate, but I laser focused on what I did have, and the steps I needed to take to get there. In embodying this focus in my life, it brought me to reflect on my environment and the lifestyle I led. I began speaking this vision into existence by listening to podcasts to reinforce this thinking, lovingly separated myself from the friends and family that expressed doubt in my vision and walked away from my NYC party life. In removing what didn’t serve my vision, I opened myself to creative expression through jewelry making and space to be with my thoughts.

What people, things, habits are we allowing in our lives? Are they effective or ineffective?

I share this story because I feel this was my first practice of mindfulness, before I even knew mindfulness was a thing. It was honestly all led by intuition. This practice of mindfulness allowed me to speak California into existence in less than 5 months after proclaiming this resolution. I arrived in California, little did I know that California would bring me to Yoga. Yoga invited me to go deeper, to not just think positive thoughts but to be with my negative thoughts. To understand where the negative self talk stemmed from, and what emotions or experiences I had not processed. It allowed me to honor both the light and the dark. It allowed me to love and accept both for the growth they’d given me. It allowed me to start loving all of me. I was so moved by all that yoga had given me that I decided just 6 months after practicing as a student, I wanted to become a teacher to share this gift with others.

In this current time of uncertainty, just like I did then, I invite you to question what in your life serves you. What thoughts, actions, people, lifestyles serve you in leading a fulfilled life? This invitation allows us to also question what is not serving our lives. What people, things, habits are we allowing in our lives? Are they effective or ineffective? Reminding ourselves that what we’re not changing, we are choosing. What do you choose to invite in your life? We get to choose who we want to show up as in the face of uncertainty. I invite you to use this precious time in history to create a life of fulfillment.

About Author

I’m a dedicated yogi and a 200-hour certified Yoga Teacher. My classes and workshops are immersed with the teachings of mindful living and have enabled me to extend my community outside of the studio, and into the media world where I host the “Be You Too Full” podcast. Regardless of the environment, my dream life is to help others explore and discover their fullest selves through a relationship with their mind and body.