My Inspiration for Put In Black

Put In Black has truly been created from love. Each article, each featured artist, demonstrates the shared belief that power lies in community, the sharing of knowledge, and transparency between the healers and the healing. We all fall into both of these categories at different points in our lives, regardless of profession.

Part of my inspiration to create this platform came from the privilege I experienced as a Clinical Psychology graduate student, learning and practicing in some of the top training facilities in our country. Another part came from working with the people our society often deems subhuman: people who have been incarcerated. And of course, my experience as a Black American woman is filled with moments that led me here. The culmination of these experiences left me with this: 

  • Diagnoses are often dependent on an individual’s skin color rather than their symptoms. Yes the stats tell us this is so, but it doesn’t quite reach your heart in the same way until you have a personal encounter with the systems that give rise to the numbers. 
  • People generally want to feel good, and will implement healthy behaviors when given practical tips to do so. This is why the articles you read on Put In Black are fairly brief, with suggested actionable steps to practice behaviors that are aligned with healthy living. 

Beyond this, a lot of health related information will never reach lay audiences, and if it did, many of us wouldn’t be able to comprehend it because it’s filled with jargon. And a word to the wise, all healthcare providers should be able to break things down in simple terms, it lets you know that we have a good understanding of what we’re telling you. 

I’ll end with this. We need Put In Black and more creations like it because: 

  • Everyone should have access to practical information that contributes to healthy living. 
  • Research articles that provide health related information are not meant for the general public. They can be intimidating, which gets in the way of people reading them and finding the parts they may find useful. Also most cost money. 
  • A ton of research is not published due to the current structure of publication. For example, if you’ve noticed the homogeneity of healthcare providers, imagine who’s determining what research is “good” research.

Lastly, my heart is filled as I consider the collaboration and support that has allowed Put In Black to become a reality. These first few weeks remind me that…we gon’ be alright!

Featured Image: Photo by Zain Ali from Pexels